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whats the system requirements

the second i load the game my car starts spinning and i only have like 2 fps

skill issue


It needs graphics options for those that can't handle the higher end graphics settings.

The art and environment is wonderful! The gameplay, although a little buggy, is also very fun. This could definitely be made into a full feature game 

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So freaking cool, It has a great atmosphere and the controls are nice!!! But why the soundtrack is only inside the car? (I mean, you only can hear the soundtrack if your camera gets close to the car, maybe its because in the new version the camera is further away from the car?) 


It's not running too well for me.
The car's jumping all over the place and it's lagging some.
I recommend a graphics menu for those with lower-end systems.
It's looks good though, not gonna lie.

Really like the game! Feels like something totally fresh, the graphics looks almost AAA. You can tell how design and concept is working together to form the experience. So I know this is kind of late but do you have any plans to continue some time the development or make a similar full scale game?


I see people in the comments talking about how smooth the car was to drive, but my car would do nothing but glitch a bit into the ground a jitter itself violently. It's impossible to drive when it does this and nothing I do stops it.

Yes, the art is great!


Looks just like Simon Stalenhags art


Awesome game! The car controls pretty smoothly, driving around was fun. I wish I had a little bit more control to dodge the drone shots, sometimes when I aim up to shoot drones I can't really see the ground anymore. Maybe if aiming vertically didn't move the camera so much it would be nicer. But the atmosphere is great and I love all the challenges. Would be cool if unlocking all of them gave me extra lives. Nice job! Very polished for a jam game.


ur game looks sexy as fuck but bro its ass. the car just keeps hopping around and I literallly couldnt drive or do anything also super laggy. make it playablle and it would probobly be fun tho.


Good fun, would like to see it expanded.

Well, you are in luck. We just expanded it!


I made it till the end in 03:01 im my second attempt.
Awesome visuals and the car feels great to control.

I would love to hear more impact-full sound effects and see an option for weidos like me, who play Y-axis inverted.

Anyhow, great work. It's really inspirational.

Thanks for your kind words and the feedback, we'll consider them for our post jam version!

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Cool Game, Car engine sound is too low crank it up! I wanna hear that engine roar. Also music is a 3d sound on the car just make it 2D wanna hear that pumping beat.

quando eu entro parece q meu carro ta emcapetado


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LO VOY a probar aver como es por la portada y eso se ve super bien ya les diré mi opinión al jugarlo

edit:Ya lo probé y me encanto, vi algunos comentarios que decían que el carro se vuelve loco o inestable y creo que ya se por que ,cuando me dispararon y me quede con 2 vida el auto se empezó a volar solo creo que fue un error ósea a lo que me refiero es que cuando te disparan las naves te bugeas y empiezas a saltar como loco ,otro cosa que vi es que el turbo al usarlo el auto se vuelve mas rígido y no se mueve tanto pero dejando un lado todo eso me encanto el juego y su escenario es hermoso8) la musica me gusto y la facilidad de jugarlo ojala este juego se vuelva un exito me encanto

I'll be honest in that the game in its current state is unplayable - there seems to be a glitch or problem in the physics that gives the player almost no control over the car whatsoever; but the art, sound design, tone, and (if fixed) gameplay all seem cohesive enough to build a good work from, it just needs to be one the player can actually play: I'd love to see an updated version where the control issues are fixed, because other than the inability to play I very much liked everything else

Hi, do you perhaps mean that the car is too sensitive to steering at the moment and you constatnly crash into objects, or that you cant control the car at all? I'll admit that in the final submit we messed up the car steering metrics and the car controls much harder than how we originally intended. There is also another case where if you have below 30 fps, the physics of the car become unstable, perhaps that also might be the root of your issues. Either way thanks for giving it a try and leaving your feedback. Once the jam is over, I'll be sure to update the game with fixed steering metrics. And hopefully with some graphical settings so people who dont run the game well can scale down the grafical fidelity to get it to a playable state.

The car responds to the WASD controls, but I won't say that they're specifically controlling the vehicle: it's more of a very vague suggestion as to the direction, because the car is constantly being thrown every which way regardless. Even when the game first starts, if no keys are pressed, the car sometimes just bounces and glitches so hard by default that it ends up somewhere else nearby. If it really is the 30 fps problem, then that would help - it seems to be more of a physics problem then a steering one, but it's kind of hard to tell when you have so little control. 


Neat physics, neat music, so glad the mines don't do damage!
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Hey the music use is kinda disrespectful in the current state. You give credits to yourselves but not the musicians inside the main menu and you ignore NIN Ghost's cc-by-sa's terms, like the game having to be cc-by-sa-nc [MAYBE. I'm not sure about it and I'm not a lawyer and lawyers are probably not sure either] and having to provide detailed attribution (song title, sometimes url to source). Also not sure what license the freemusicarchive stuff is but might suffer from similar issues.

[feel free to delete this comment, I would do the same esp. once fixed]

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Hey thanks for bringing that up, now that I look at the credits on the page I agree they make it hard to trace back to the songs. I'll see with the others if we can get that fixed at least for the page, for the game though upload is blocked until the gamejam judging period ends so we can't update yet.

Edit : Pardon my ignorance but what does a game have to do to comply to cc-by-sa-nc ? Everything I read online is quite confusing.

I'm not a lawyer. I might be wrong (that the license has to apply or how it has to apply).

If you decide that it does has to apply to your game, you probably just need to add the license to the game and state that it's licensed under it.

And then people are allowed to use the game and whatever they can extract under the same license I guess.


Absolutely love the Simon Stålenhag vibes my guys. Beautiful and fun. GG


Hi, this looks so cooool. But I actually cannot play, because when starting the game, the car just runs crazy, jumping around and does not get settled ready to drive as if like physics do not work. Anyway, the atmosphere and look of the game are awesome. If you have some ideas, why I have these issues, let me know. Running on a quite old "workstation" Fujitsu H910 laptop, Nvidia Quadro M3000...

Hi, thanks a lot for your kind feedback. Sadly we are aware of this issue, we tried to fix it but it's a hard limitation we had with unreal physics and the way we coded the car, at bad framerates the car simulation becomes super unstable :( 

I'm sadly in the same boat. I really wanted to play this but the vehicle dances and flips all over the place even without pressing anything and is impossible to control since pushing any direction makes it zoom in that direction at the speed of light lol Since my computer is older, I'm just assuming the framerate is the issue. Great job with the game anyway!

is it possible you could make this game available to mac?

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Sorry I'd like to but unfortunately it's impossible to build for mac without having a mac :(

oh ok I have a mc so I can't play your awesome game



Your playthrough was amazing, so many clutch moments xD

Mac version?


Sorry I'd like to but unfortunately it's impossible to build for mac without having a mac :(


Magnificient world, amazing sound design, great UI and controls. Really enjoyed it!


I think the game is quite fun, but the car controls felt a little sluggish. I would like it better with some tighter controls.


Great atmosphere and solid gameplay. This game feels challenging without being overly difficult or punishing. It also does a great job communicating what to do throughout. Well done, thanks for the game!


There's absolutely no way, you modelled all the 3d Assets and Textured them in a week, including grass and a fully modelled turbosquid level car, it even has the interior. I hope the staff realizes this!

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I understand that you can feel frustrated by the level of polish of some jam entries.

In my experience online contests are not a level playing field, as participants often come from very different backgrounds.

When hobbyists or students are competing against people who are doing this for a living, it can feel unfair to have them be judged on the same scale.

Art assets are not only thing that make a game good though, in jams we constantly lose to games that have less impressive graphics but better gameplay.

Anyway thanks for playing our game, I hope you'll be able to relax this weekend as I'm sure you had an exhausting week working on your game as well.


As a 3d artist, its absolutely doable under a week.
My team had alot of assets to make for our game, and I was able to make 10 main PBR assets with subdiv models for the normals.