A downloadable game for Windows

Push your limits in this challenging boss fight. 

After each round the boss becomes harder, but you get to pick your poison.

How far can you go before being eaten alive by the furnace? Let us know in the comments. The current high score is 22 heat, and is held by one of the game's creators.


  • Shoot: left or right mouse button
  • Dash: left shift
  • Jump: spacebar
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
AuthorsOursBleu, Konstantin 'RZL' Löffler, whythisname, hu9o


FaceTheFurnace.zip 211 MB


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After giving him two heat (+speed) some of the floortiles stayed in open auchie mode.  I dont think that's supposed to happen. Cost me a bit of hp before I noticed.

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It's a lot of fun, but I'm consistently running into lag spikes that can easily cost you a life at higher heat. Also, is there a way to look at global high scores, I've beaten 22 and it would be really cool to see if that's still on par with the high score.


Cool game!!


I liked it a lot! It has really good graphics, the animations of the furnace (when attacking, or the feedback when you hit him) feel very good and the smoothness of the gameplay is perfect. The mechanic of poisoning yourself to make the gameplay harder is super original and gives you freedom to fit your playstyle. I love the ground effect when the furnace smashes the ground, and i like the little detail when your bullet hits the furnace's shell :). I set my record on 26 heat and 30 seconds. Very good work! By far one of the most challenging games that I have enjoyed the most on Itch.io :D

Small feedback (I know the game was made on a Jam so everything is not possible but here it is): A soundtrack would have been incredibly good to the game and refering to the gameplay feeling, I would have added a bit of weapon sway and camera shake!


the first fight is darn near impossible to beat, and the rockets don't explode until you shoot them, or they hit you, which makes it hard to get too its weak points, but not bad of a game .