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Hear ye!

The Princess is looking for the most charming Knight of all!

Unfortunately for you, there are other contenders. As a Cupid, you’re already assigned to a Knight; now you just have to work on the “charming” side of things.

Enter the arena against two friends (we provide cpu friends if needed) and lead an all out war against them using arrows, spells and trickery to ensure your Knight emerges victorious as the dust settles!

  • Battle: Support your Knight in his fight against monsters with your trusty bow.

  • Steal: Only the killing blow matters, snipe other players’ monsters!

  • Gear up: Buy shiny equipment to boost your battle stats and Charm.

  • Race: Shop’s stock is limited, get your Knight there first to buy the best items!

  • Charm: After 7 rounds, the Princess will pick the most Charming Knight.

Steal her heart!



Player 1

  • W: Shoot (Hold then release)
  • A/D: Move (Target in battle, selection in Shop)
  • S: Use Spell (Hold then release)

Player 2

  • I: Shoot (Hold then release)
  • J/L: Move (Target in battle, selection in Shop)
  • K: Use Spell (Hold then release)

Player 3

  • Up: Shoot (Hold then release)
  • Left/Right: Move (Target in battle, selection in Shop)
  • Down: Use Spell (Hold then release)

Rules & Tips

  • The player with the most Charm after 7 rounds wins!
  • Enemies receive damage when hit by Knights or arrows
  • There's a little reload delay, you can hold the shoot key
  • Killing enemies reward Gold, but only on the last hit
  • You can totally steal other players' enemies
  • Hitting other Knights with arrows push them back slightly
  • Hitting the flying magic Hearts grant one Spell
  • When all Knights reach the finishing line, the Shop opens
  • Everybody receives a little free gold when reaching the Shop
  • The Knight who crossed the line first gets to shop first
  • Then the seconds Knight, and lastly the third
  • Items go out of stock when purchased, except Anvils
  • Items increase your fighting power
  • Items also provide a certain amount of Charm
  • Every Act (2 rounds), enemies get stronger, their bounty increase and the Shop features stronger (and more expensive) items.

Spells details

  • Fireball: Deal massive damage to enemies and push back Knights.
  • Freeze: Stops a Knight hit. Hitting a frozen Knight with an arrow unfreezes it.
  • Super Bow: For 5s, draw your bow and reload a lot faster.
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsOursBleu, Jan Gortnar, Toone, Konstantin 'RZL' Löffler, whythisname
TagsFantasy, Multiplayer, Split Screen, Top-Down


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